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      President’s Address:
      Welcome to Arrow’s website.
      Along with the successful application of Arrow lightning protection products to the Qingzang Railway, up to now, Arrow Lightening Protection has been developing for almost 25 years.
      Basing on the development principle of “Creating Safety Ideal”, under the binding efforts of all the employees, the company’s sales volume has been increasing by two digits, and the company has also entered internationl market. The Arrow lightning protection products has been widely applied to various fields including electric power, national defense, telecommunications, transportation, railway, broadcast or TV stations, Petroleum or petrochemical, spaceflight and aviation, and other comprehensive buildings, etc...
      “Be unafraid of the lighting.” Arrow Lightning Protection is rooted on mainland to create national brand. We consider promoting lightning protection technology and application process as our main responsibility, and we hope to cooperate with all the friends to make a bright future.

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